Saturday, February 12, 2011


At last..after 17 days of protests of people in Egypt against their President Hosni Mubarak, Mubarak announced his resignation as the President of Egypt after 30 years of reign. Now, either the military or Vice-President Omar Suleiman will take over the post..However, due to the refusal of Hosni Mubarak to step down from his precious 'throne' before this, it has caused several impacts towards not only to the Egypt's economics but also towards our economics as well..

F.Y.I thanks to Mubarak our ron97 oil's  price has increased as much as 10 cents!!dammit...luckily i didn't use ron97..haha..and Egypt is gonna take a long time to flop their economic situation which has been severely bad...(naseb ko la presiden bru Egypt oii...mampos nk rebuild balik country 2..)

Omar Suleiman stated that Egypt is still not ready for democracy just yet..however Barack Obama stated that he and the admin. of United States will do anything to support democracy in Egypt..for 30 years Egyptian has lived in poverty and being oppressed by their 'beloved' leader which once collapsed at Parliament and said that he didn't have much energy since it was Ramadhan..and thats what we called bullshit!!

p/s : alhamdulillah...selamat pulang kepada semua pelajar Malaysia yang sudah selamat sampai...seronok la korang an dapat cuti..haha..


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