Saturday, December 25, 2010


ok guys...Anugerah Skrin 2010 was held last night and it was live at TV3..
frankly speaking..I felt very agitated last night because it has been a long time since I watch any local award at tv..well not that long last-seen award was The Shout! Award...and boy it was DAMN FREAKING ADDYLICIOUS!!! (okay..u guys must been  is ADDYLICIOUS?..well let me break it up to you...according to this old transcript that i found at the library ==> addylicious /edilishius/ n 1~ freaking awesome or has the maximum amount of awesomeness~)

okay..back to the i was expecting Anugerah Skrin would be the same..although it was pretty formal..i was like nah...juz giv it a I watched Anugerah Skrin...for the first 10 was pretty okay lorhh..thennnnnnn......the graph of the award started to plunge downwards rapidly..i mean really fast like Rapid became very dull..boring..not cool..drowziness started to take place...and i had to..i mean i really..really..really need to change the bored me to death..suck me right in towards an unfathomable lifeless abyss..let me tell you why all of this happening to me last night??

1. it was too freaking formal...
2. who picked the emcees for god sake??
3. the emcees was terrible..
4.should have pick Johan and Zizan as the emcees..
5.the camera looks very 90's..
6. the selection of performances was C-..
7. the vibe there felt like in a funeral..

8. malaysian artists were not and are not sporting enough...when their friends win an award..non of them support the winners..all making faces..while not making faces they didn't show any expression at all..da la industri kecik..pastu korunk nk menyombong sesame artis..(neyh yg nk ckp melayu neyh marah pny pasal)..cbe tgk Oscar, Emmy, Academy, and etc...eventhough happenig gler kowt mereka pny award..bygkan Hugh Jackman jd emcees and dy siap menyanyi and menari at the starting of the award...pnyela sporting mereka2 neyh...pastu kalau geng2 legend menang(eg : Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt and etc.).. dpt standing ovation beb..(btol ke ejaan neyh??)..

kalau artis mereka perform..satu dewan 2 nyanyi skali..siap jd mcm kipas-susah-mati lak..xmcm artis lak an....itulah yang kte nak lam industri neyh..dahla industri tak hebat mne tp artis semua nk blagak..mcm mana aku nak minat artis don't u dare put the blame on us when ur album or movie doesn't reach ur goal..platinum record or 40 juta kutipan dlam mse 4minggu..hahaha..don't make me think about it guys..however i juz want to say congratz to Mualaf bcoz win the Best Film Award..u deserved it..Allahyarhamah Yasmin Ahmad must be proud of it..and also congratz to Nur Kasih for winning Best TV is the best drama eversince..and Antara Garisan is a good wonder it won..haha..

then..move on..eventually i changed the channel and came across 8tv and saw Teen Choice Award 2010 had been going i decided to watch it..and let me tell ya was totally damn freaking ADDYLICIOUS!!!! it totally changed my mood that night..and i slept with a smile..haha...
so local industries..this shout out that i post was made special for you..guys juz think about what i said and you'll find the truth beneath it..enjoy ur saki-baki of holidays!!and before i forgot..MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MY FRENS!!!

p/s : sorry for my tons of grammar mistakes..i was trying to improve my English....hehe..lucky Lagenda Budak Setan tak menang..haha..what a bummer if it wins..LBS sucks!!gomendasai LBS fans...hahaha


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