Saturday, May 9, 2009


2day is da day...
i text intan asked her about the results for PETRONAS SCHOLARSHIPS..
she said she got a msg from petronas that asked her 2 check da result 2 morrow...
OMG!!!dis is bad..
i didn't get a single msg or a phonecall from petronas..
i got a hunch that i might not get da scholarship..huhuhu..
then nessa text me n said she just got a call from petronas
n she got da scholarship n she's going 2 fly 2 aussies doing chem engnrng..
then my heart sanked n shattered into pieces..
i didn't get da scholarships..
then i checked the internet n it's true i didn't get da petronas scholarships..
after all da hard work..but then i checked my email..
n there sumthing interesting..
i got a reply email from uitm regarding my question about the fast track..
n he said that KOLEJ PUNCAK PERDANA is 4 students who are smart
(or sumthing like dat..)n accountancy at KOLEJ PUNCAK PERDANA is a fast track...
i'm getting konpius...
i mean is it true that shah alam is 4 fast track??
i'm in a dilemma again..


*adibalala; said...

kau dpt puncak alam tu kira bagus la.
budak fast track SPC dapat kat situ.
ada ramai gak budak beseri dapt.
sure best ah!
best of luck!

thepinkchalk said...

wah,yg kolej puncak perdane ni,CAT tu ke?ive heard few frens talking bout aku xphm.yg aku taw fast track 4 eh?ok la 2.congrats dude!mayb HE had destined the best 4 us kn.who knows wut u want is not da bes 4 u.cume all i can say is, cayok2! gudlux in life n never give up!hehe

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