Tuesday, June 14, 2011


assalamualaikum semua....

Rizha Cuma and me!! (click on the link!)

wari2...aku sekarang ini agak susah nak update blog sebab agak busy..busy pesepa pulak dah?sebab aku sekarang ada short-sem dekat UiTM Shah Alam for like one month (approx.)..so guys (girls too) i'm a lil' bit rusty on my writing skills since it's been a long time since i wrote a lil' something2..so umm..here goes..i know i'm kinda late to post about my PRE-GRADUATION DINNER..at SACC..

the glorious event was held on the 29th May 2011..but unfortunately for me i can only update it now..HAHA! sorry my dear friends..i was the Stage & Performance Manager with my lovely yet beautiful partner Akasyah Nurudin or we called her Kasy..so basically all the performances were monitored and organized by us with the help from the performers themselves..so here are some photos for you to enjoy...

me,bazli,adhwa n kucai

bazli, me, adhwa n kucai

sbbkan trlalu ramai..neyh semua memb2 gua..haha

me n dee

time aku nak nyanyi high note la tiqah bg bunga..haha

redz, me and bazli
that's all for now..part 2 is to be continued..kalau aku ada masa nak update la..HAHA!! eh..before aku terforgot..korang dari tadi nampak aku dok pegang mic kan..pastu ada abang2 hensem kat belakang main gitar kan..kitorang perform lagu Slide Away by Oasis and a mash-up of 2 songs which is Tunjuk Perasaan by The Times and I Wanna Marry U by Bruno Mars..chiow for now..

p/s : thanks to all committee because menggembleng tenaga untuk menjayakan malam tu..i think it's the best dinner i'd ever had!!love you guys..


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