Saturday, May 23, 2009


i know it's a lil' bit late 4 me 2 post dis..
but hey wth!!it was very intensed b2ween kris n adam..
i mean i thought dat adam would win..
he put on quite a show..(brilliant)but still 2 me kris is a better singer in terms of musicianship..(coz rock is not my thingy..)btw adam sings or always shouting..
i mean it makes my earwax melt...hahaha.
i started 2 be a fan when he sangs(are my grammar correct??)
falling slowly by glen hansard feat. mariska hargitay..,
heartless by kanye west(that was utterly superb performance i'd ever seen)
n his new song no boundaries..
kara dioguardi is the co-writer of da song..
i know everyone in malaysia were hoping that adam lambert would win..
2 bad haha..
i'll buy kris' album when they hit da store...
~no boundaries~

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